Luxe and Lush

Luxe and Lush

Loving greens in your bouquet doesn't always mean the use of more foliage. We add beautiful green carnations, dianthus and hypericum to gorgeous blooms of tulips, ranunculus, freesia and Queen Anne's lace for a more luxurious and lush effect.

Please note:

  • Size of arrangement in photo is Medium.
  • As flowers are available based on seasons, we'll replicate this arrangement as closely as possible so the end result will not look identical.
  • An additional surcharge of 20% will be applied on orders that are placed less than 12 hours from the collection/delivery time.
  • Please note that all orders sent between 11-14 Feb will have an additional 20% surcharge due to price hikes from flower suppliers. The prices you currently see on the site are BEFORE the price hike. We will be contacting you for the payment of the additional 20%

I want it to be sent with coloured crepe paper wrapping
I want it to be sent with brown paper wrapping