To be surrounded by flowers on a daily basis is such simple but wonderful indulgence. The blooms’ lovely scents, beautiful symmetry and saturated colours—it’s a treat to the senses. Whether it’s for your home or work space, add that luxury to your immediate environment and witness how your mood gets elevated and guests/visitors are wowed.

You get to decide how often you want the subscriptions flowers—weekly, bi-weekly or monthly and which day of the week/month to receive them. There are 3 sizes to choose from and the minimum subscription duration is 3 months.

Each arrangement will arrive in a vase. The courier will retrieve the previous vase from the second delivery onwards so it’s an exchange of vases whenever you see them. It will remain in the size you’d ordered in but the style and types of flowers will vary so you get surprised each time!

If you are ordering subscription flowers based on your loved ones’ birthdays, anniversaries and special days, write us and we’ll be more than happy to be your personal assistant and note down the dates, preferences and details so you never forget a memorable date!