Flowers are great tools to get creative with—each bloom has a different hue, silhouette, hardiness and learning to understand each of them allows us to work harmoniously with Mother Nature’s creations.

Yi Lian Ng Floral Atelier specialises in floral jamming workshops because we believe the biggest challenge to floral arrangements is the process of picking your flowers and colour palette. We want to educate you on the process so you challenge yourself creatively and you can be sure each of you will walk away with a different arrangement because what you pick reflects who you are.

All tools are also free for you to keep because we want you to keep creating and be part of this wonderful floral community.

Every workshop also has an optional visit to our family floral wholesaler where you get to be exposed to even more exotic blooms and guided by an experienced floral merchandiser, thanks to our family business’ history of 40 years.

A floral jamming workshop for a corporate event or private party? 

Yi Lian Ng Floral Atelier has also conducted many private classes for birthdays, hen’s parties and corporate workshops, so write us if this is something you’ll like to explore. As long as you have a minimum of 6 students, we can have a party!