Autumn Walk - Premium Preserved Florals Collection

Autumn Walk - Premium Preserved Florals Collection

Created with specially treated preserved and dried florals, this arrangement requires minimal upkeep but provides maximum visual pleasure. Just dust it gently once a week with a feather duster to avoid dust settling on it and voila, that's all the maintenance it requires for the years you can keep it for.

Do note that preserved and dried florals are priced at a more premium price as their costs are higher than fresh flowers.

Please note:

  • As flowers are available based on availabilities, we'll replicate this arrangement as closely as possible so the end result will not look identical.
  • Size of arrangement in photo is Medium, measuring at W40cm X H50cm.
  • If you order Small (W30cm X H40cm), do not expect it to have the same amount of flowers as shown in this reference image.
  • If you order Large (W50cm X H60cm), you can let us know which you'll like more of or you can leave it us to increase the quantity of florals.
  • An additional surcharge of 20% will be applied on orders that are placed less than 12 hours from the collection/delivery time.

    I want it to be sent with coloured crepe paper wrapping
    I want it to be sent with brown paper wrapping