Little Sweet Nothings

Little Sweet Nothings

Sunflowers to cheer up the days and peonies to sweeten the airs. This mini bloom box will bring joy to anyone in its proximity. Other flowers include anthuriums, matthiolas, alstroemerias, hypericums, sweet Williams, caspia, lisianthks and roses.

If you want to explore other options and prices, drop us a message and we can create something according to your preferences!

Please note:

  • As flowers are available based on seasons, we'll replicate this arrangement as closely as possible so the end result will not look identical.
  • Box's measurement is approximately around a standard small vase arrangement at H20cm X W15cm.
  • However, due to arrangement's style, the final results are significantly larger than the box's measurement.
  • An additional surcharge of 20% will be applied on orders that are placed less than 12 hours from the collection/delivery time.