Flowering Plants Box

Flowering Plants Box

A big bloom box containing 3-4 different flowering plants to cheer your loved ones up while staying home. 

Plants included in this box will need to be watered every day and need direct sunlight for at least 4 hours a day.

Please note:

  • As plants are available based on seasons, you will not be able to pick exactly which type of plants go into this box. But the type of plants in this box will belong to the same care guide so maintenance is kept consistent.
  • This order requires at least 2 days' notice prior to delivery date.
  • An additional surcharge of 20% will be applied on orders that are placed less than 12 hours from the collection/delivery time.
  • Please note that all orders sent between 8-15 Feb will have an additional 20% surcharge due to price hikes from flower suppliers. The prices you currently see on the site are BEFORE the price hike. We will be contacting you for the payment of the additional 20%